a few past decade china became successful on science worldwide especially on medical treatment.eye disease is one of the biggest problem in their community.more than eight million (8m) Chinese people lost their eyesight but more than five thousands eye lens pinned to people every year.
               Now the scientists discover the new treatment.this is the mysterious discover to overcome pinning problem in china, they make a special place for pigs which will be used for medics because the pigs eyes are used pinned  to human. WU PINGGUI was one of the first patient to be tasted with the pig he speak WU PINGGUI said that he's not fully of surprise for the doctors agreement because he trust so much on them

               this new way will increase the pinning problem in china as it took more than ten years searching for this doctor SHAO ZHENGKAN speaks" we try many animals on this test we try goats, dogs, cows, and finally we realize that gigs eyes are more equally to human eyes than any other animal's

             it cost them so much as to those pigs eyes they must make sure to remove all viruses and bacteria in order to prevent animals disease to infect patient also all pigs cells were removed so that they can take out pigs DNA from there then the lens is resdy to be pinned.

             although some people say that china is verry fast in growing Technology so that they do not even think about the future affects but from the point that they are able to get animals parts to be pinned to human that might be the beginning.


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