News about this time.the purpose of this is to inform About the existence of a planet that everyone has ability to go without cost.

           first of all i admire the potential and efforts of scientists and astronomer Specialists who every observer discover the planet and various stars In the sky.their efforts have contributed to the growth of human development significantly.i also promote nations such as USA urbanization and other major contributors to enabling scientists as well as first nations to achieve humanity in the upper atmosphere.

              Efforts of scientists and nations to discover the planet and various stars In the atmosphere there has been an increase in the leaven of every developing country and to ensure that they grow up with the same ability. But this discovery did not bring hope to human life, has not solved major problems that plague humans,such as diseases, hunger, poverty, war and Death.

              this is the reason for developing economic nations to overturn and overturn developing countries.but there is a new human hope that is the solution to all the problems that confront him.
               This planet is not a stranger in the ears of many but it will grow new in the eyes of many.
It's a planet without war, hunger, poverty, death, fear, sickness and all kind of's a planet that gives you new hope and eternal's shy to live in this planet because it has everything that pleases the soul of man.

                 it's a planet that will not use any cost to travel or go Americans spend billions of dollars in high air or's a planet that spends less time than Russia spend months and years arriving's a planet that does not require a rocket and a large and costly plane.this planet requires acceptance of changing your thinking, actions  and dynamics as well as your heart.

                It needs to live well and please God for the best works.the transport tool to this planet is Our life and ticket are our good deeds.And this planet is Love for God is Love and everything to Him is possible.when we live in love ê,poverty,war,trubulation,fear,suffering,evil,death,slavery and all forms of evil will grow in vain.
              I believe like rich nations that would enable humans to travel and live in this planet no one ever came back.

                     Do you like to go and live there? so love your neighbor as yourself, love your God with all your heart, strength and mind and love the environment around you.wish you friends nice and good journey to this planet as if you'll come you'll find me there already.


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