Four men have been sent to the South African court to plead guilty of human intake, after allegedly one of them arrived at the police station and said he was tired of eating meat.

The report states that after surrendering and interviewing the man showed a foot and hand of human later the country's police accompanied him to a local KwaZulu-Natal home, where more human bodies were found.

Among the arrested men, two of whom are allegedly being traditional physicians accused of killing or planning to kill were imprisoned in Estcourt court 175 miles northwest of Durban.

The police spokesperson said that it is unlikely that the four men aged 22 and 32 are part of a large group of protesters.

Despite this, the incident is still ongoing and police have advised people whose relatives disappeared to make sure they report so that he police will know how many people were missing.

Researchers of crime cases have been called to recognize those parts of the human body, since it is unknown if such parts are of one person's body or from the different bodies.


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