Fc Barcelona football club twitter account was hacked in the early hours of wednesday is believed that this happen due to the club announcing the signing of Paris Saint

German(PSG)star Angelo Di Maria.

                 it had been a trying 24 hours for Blaugrana,as on tuesday the club announced they were

suing Neymar after alleging the Brazilian failed to fulfill his agreement with the team.and things only
got worse later after the club's official twitter account sent out a tweet saying "Welcome Angelo Di Maria To Fc Barcelona"

                    after few hours the tweet disappear and reappear on their timeline as a back and forth

battle between the hackers and the club ensured.later the club tweeted"Our accounts have been

hacked,we're working to solve the problem and we'll be good as soon as possible"thank you for your patient

                     it is believed that the hack was claimed by a Saud Arabian group who have also hacked

the Facebook account of CNN and  Twitter accounnt of NETFLIX,MARVEL and CEO Mark

Zuckerberg among many others.but the report say that they'll make sure that his problem never happen again.


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