Kenya's high court has denied an attempt to ban the ban on plastic bags expected to be executed on Saturday.

Developers of the bags say that the move would lead to 8,000 people to lose their jobs if the ban was to be implemented.

Giving the ruling in court, the judge said that the elimination of the ban would greatly affect environmental management laws while stating that environmental protection is more important than commercial interests.

Image caption Plastic waste sheet waste problems in Kenya
Plastic bags manufacturers and policemen went to court against the notice issued by a government protesting the manufacture and import of plastic bags.

They claimed that the government would be discharged from thousands of civilians far from affecting the nation's economy.

This is the third attempt over ten years that Kenya has tried to ban plastic bags.

Image caption Jamaica with a load of many bags of Plastics Rural Nairobi
The Ministry of Environment says that anyone who was found to be selling or doing plastic bags would serve a less than one year's fine or fine less than $ 19,000.

Kenya joins other African nations that have banned plastic bags including Rwanda and Eritrea.


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