Libyan officials have confirmed that they have arrested a leader of the Daesh group who had been working for Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.
Libya officials have said that the "Abu Hafs" cult was a relative of a mosque family in the Benghazi city and that after an investigation it has been identified as an Israeli citizen and his real name is Benjamin Efraim.
Libyan officials have added that, Efraim was working on the Mossad squad for the Arabs who made Arabs and practiced ignorance in Arab and Islamic countries in Israel's interest. He added that the jersey was a member of the Daesh terrorist group and was able to move to the Benghazi town through the group and become a member of Family Worship.
"Abu Hafs", Benjamin Efraim, was the leader of the 200 fighters of the Daesh terrorist group who were considered more brutal than other terrorists in the group.
Libya's officials say, the aim of the group was to get involved in the war and to transfer war and fighting to neighboring Egypt.


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