Ten soldiers are lost and five were injured after the American army submarine crashed with a Singapore-based coastal ship, according to a US military force.

The USS submarine John MacCain was east of Singapore preparing to sail on the harbor when it collided with a ship that was striking Liberia flag.

The main task of searching for and delivering troops continues.

US military shipwrecked punctuation Japanese military threatening US colonial shipwreck US ship

That's the second major issue of a US shipwreck in recent months.

The report states that the submarine was hit by one side on the one side, but the United States army lilsema has just been heading to Singapore's port.

The USS submarine John MacCain was at east of Singapore preparing to land on the harbor

US military helicopter and the Singapore army along with coastal guards, are performing rescue activities. Malaysia has also joined the project.

Get a little bit of information about the condition of Alnic MC's oil and its staff.

The oil is reported to have three times the USS military armor John McCain, and reports say it was not carrying fuel during the crash.

North Korea says it will shut down the US shipState US arrives in Korea

Senator John McCain, whose name is given to the submarine, wrote on twitter that he and his wife are praying for the sailors.

In June seven US warriors were killed during the USS Fitzgerald submarine clashed with a cargo ship on the Japanese ocean near Yokosuka Harbor.


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