Nigerian citizen Agashi has launched computer with the mouse nervous at the ongoing TEDGlobal technological conference in Tanzania.

The system has been trained to recognize the scent of the explosives and can be used to strengthen safety at airports, he said.

Similarly the modem device and the name Koniku Kore can be a future robot brain.

The major technological companies, including Google to Micrososft, are in the process of creating a robot capable of having a human mind.

While computers are better than winning man in solving complex comparisons, there are many roles that can be done by human brain including learning a computer to smell the smell.

Mr. Agabi intends to change the engineering biology that has already accomplished the invention. '' Biology is Technology ''.

Our main task is to try to copy the brain.

He launched the koniku device last year and successfully won $ 1 million as a funding and says the device has provided $ 10 million in contracts with security companies.

Coconut Kore is a niconomic and silicon-based device that has sensitive sensors.

'' You can give them nerves the details of what you want them to do where our side is telling them to give cells that can smell the smell, 'he said.


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