Bemuda is triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean as borders and Miami, Bemuda and Puertorico section where many ships and planes have found lost in intricate settings so that people have failed to explain and find themselves arguing wide unexplained wonders.In this irregular and frustrating environment there was one of the US Navy bomber lost the aircraft direction and when he jumped on the site and the aircraft had never been overlooked. Some boats and airplanes have been steadily disappearing in this area in just a good weather environment without even reporting that there is a problem with the weather just suddenly. With that theory that the area is to be feared from being lost in the confusing for some to apply vaya air and water would be found still no proof that it is the most dangerous because all Mchwao there are still requesting vinakatiza area safely to salamat would eclipse and those lost companion.

           STAKEHOLDERS bEMUDA you say this section called triangular bemuda or triangular devil (devil's triangle) has a size of five hundred thousand squire miles of Sea area southwestern Florida state. to historial they mklumbuka man who was known by the name of Christopher Columbus he says that when he came to these areas for the first time where it is believed he It was the one who discovered the area of ​​the Americas reported that he saw a huge fire rising from the area and it was believed to be a forest. He goes on to say that after a few weeks a flash of light that he did not understand is anything except the geographers claiming it is the river. However, he has talked about subjecting issues, but the stakeholders also said that because that area was then a few parts of the world where True North and Magnetic North were traveling to a trailer. Here for geographers understand more.

          There stakeholder one called Joshua Slocum he distinguished himself to the sea himself, although he lost in 1909 and believed he was lost in the triangle of bemuda KTI on the way to the US southern happen Martha Vineyard.Ingawaje There was still a lot of controversy when he went to the real place but was disappointed when he went to the most spectacular areas of this world. William Shakespeare, a poetry and midfielder in this world, ever talked about his play "The Tempest , "Where players in the field of play say they were moving around the area of ​​the tumid and the shipwreck in the area. Although all of this did not create a community until the 20th century and the community began to be worried about this area. This gets more weight when the aircraft fleet of the US Navy ilipopotea with USS Cyclop with a size of 542 meters height and grew luggage with soldiers of water 300 ten thousand tons of manganese sank places near Barbados and the Chesapeake Bay. The ship did not send any contact to you anymore and to be able to do so nobody knew what happened on the ship and the ship until today it is God and the sea only understand what happened.

           Later US Embassy Woodrow Wilson came at the time to prove that the two small ships that had been associated with that huge ship and themselves had disappeared in 1941.A series of losses Containers and others diagnosed are the ones that threaten people about the area. In 1945 five and navy bombers were carrying 14 people from Fort Lauderdale. These had been sent there for training and military personnel, but not surprisingly, they were redirected. It is noteworthy that the Compas leader of the caravans failed to work and themselves find themselves lost after being overlooked and fired but the aircraft sent for rescue and itself lost if 13 people were inside. They looked for it without success and ultimately concluded that it was lost as though it were toward Mars's planet.


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