Former Venezuelan prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz said he had evidence that President Nicolous Maduro and a group of other officials received bribes from one construction company.

Speaking at a press conference in Brasilia, Ortega has accused suspects to take bribe with President Maduro as vice-president Diosdado Cabello's ruling party and other party leader Jorge Rodriguez.

Speaking from Caracas, new prosecutor Tarek Saab, who is also accused of Ortega, claims that the claims are missing evidence.

In addition to corruption, Maduro is accused of using persistent forces against opponents and civilians
He criticized Mr Ortega that he was expelled from the government because of his unlawful conduct and that within ten years at work he was unable to investigate corruption suspicions.

However, these veterans, with US vice-president Mike Pence, say that the administration of President Trump intends to extend power against Venenzuela to restore democratic rule.

Pence says the fall of Venenzuela has a serious impact on the region, resulting in an increase in drug trafficking and illegal immigration.


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